The Wedding Dress Project: Recycle The Love

Recycle the love. Wedding dress and good sharing between generous wives and deserving brides.

How It Works


Rules 101:

Please review our Terms of Service for the full low down on the rules, but here's the skinny:

1. The Wedding Dress Project is a donation site only, please do not post any for profit or strings-attached ads. FREE, donations only. Of course, some nominal shipping fees may be necessary for certain transactions, but please handle that off the site.

2. Understand that all transactions are between the donor and the recipient, only. The Wedding Dress Project is simply here to bring you together, and does not take responsibility for any transactions that occur through the site.

3. Clothing goods should be in, new, gently used or like-new condition. If you would wear it again, it's good enough for this site.

How to donate:

1. Go to the Forums, and post your wedding goods by creating a new topic in the forum.

2. Give your ad a clear title, including: what you're donating, size, color, measurements (if clothing), photos, and tell us a little story behind your donation.TWDP loves a romantic story.

3.From there, sit back, relax, and wait for the lucky bride-to-be to contact you.

For a sample of what your posting might include, go here.

How to find your wedding goodies:

1. Go to the Forums and start searching!

2. Found an item you love? Contact the thread poster and start a conversation.

3. Good luck!