The Wedding Dress Project: Recycle The Love

Recycle the love. Wedding dress and good sharing between generous wives and deserving brides.

Sample Donation Posting-The Original Dress

Ad title: Free dress to a deserving bride. Here are the details of the dress.


1. Purchased at David’s Bridal for a pretty penny.

2. Needs minor cleaning; my husband and I washed the hem in a few areas, and the dirt came right out, so we know it can be cleaned and worn again.

3. Besides some minor dirt on the hem, it’s in great condition, with no rips or tears.

4.Measurements= bust:36″, waist: 30″, hips: 38″, length: 57″, from shoulder to floor. I am a short, smallish girl at 5’3″, so it will only fit someone with similar measurements.

5. It has a long train and is pre-bustled.

6. Is covered in intricate glass beading and sequins

7. Comes with a silk sash, but you might want to buy a new one.

If interested, comment on this thread or send me an email. I’ve also posted some pictures. Enjoy!